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About - Victoria Ogilvie-James

Hi lovely, I am Victoria

I’m a mindset mentor and transformational coach and I work with women who are living fast paced life, feeling exhausted, disconnected and powerless, stuck in a cycle of stress and low vibrational energy. This may be a result of burn out or a previous trauma or preconditioning which has caused you to lose sight of your true desires and let go of the connection with your inner self.

I help women break free from demotivation and a lack of self-belief, to help them build a life based on love, acceptance and confidence in their true capabilities. My mission is to take women to a place where their mindset is supportive of their goals and they have the ability to achieve whatever they desire in life.

I believe that, as women, we deserve to feel confident in our skin, present in each moment and in harmony with the true values of our mind, body and soul. We are all in control of our desired reality and are fully capable of achieving our goals. However, we are so often made to believe that we have to work ourselves into the ground to achieve our goals and are undeserving of true authentic happiness. I am here to guide you to unlock a new belief system, one that is not based on limitation but acceptance, empowerment, strength and abundance.

Can you imagine a version of you…

I take a holistic and intentional approach with my clients, guiding them to build sustainable habits and to create a new level of love and respect for their bodies so that they can live the life they are destined to live.

Your ability to create a new level of love and respect for your body and mind offers you endless opportunities.

Why me

Because I have been where you are, and not once, or even twice. I have been where you are time and time again. I thought I had learnt lessons but before I knew it I had slipped back into my old habits.

My story

When I was 9 years old my parents divorced and, whilst the divorce itself was the ‘easy’ part to deal with, a range of other complexities arose resulting in me having to support those around me. 

Here’s what it takes

My work will require you to dig deep within yourself, to commit yourself to the process and to show up. If you are truly committed to changing your life, to engaging with the version of you who is confident and energetically puts her dreams into reality, to living a life worth living then you need to step up.

Let’s hang on the gram