Why me?

Because I have been where you are, and not once, or even twice. I have been where you are time and time again. I thought I had learnt lessons but before I knew it I had slipped back into my old habits. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, stuck on that hamster wheel of life. My self-worth was depleted and I had ‘forgotten’ about my true capabilities. I had fallen back into a low vibrational energy and cultivated a lack mentality. I was suffering a disconnection of my mind, body and soul and focused too strongly on what I should be doing, as opposed to tuning into the feminine power of my intuition.

It has taken deep, transformative work to bring myself to a place where I feel empowered, confident and capable of achieving my goals.  I am committed to transforming any negative energy emotions that might arise and to showing up and aligning myself with a high vibrational frequency. I have peeled back the many layers of who I am to find my raw, vulnerable self and to figure out exactly who I want to be. You can do the same.

Whilst my life coaching qualification has brought me to a position where I can create bespoke programs to share my truth and help others, I truly believe that it is my experiences from the ‘School of Life’ that made me who I am today. I wholeheartedly threw myself into my healing process and it was the depth of those dark days that taught me much of what I want to pass on to others.

My inner healing has required me to listen to and connect with my mind, body and soul and for this reason I believe that a holistic approach is the real way forward. I have learnt to read the signs my body is telling me and to have routines in place, which I continue to use, to catch myself when I’m working too hard or feeling energetically low.

Since working on myself I have regained control but with a whole new meaning; I have gained control over how I want to live my life. Since slowing down I have become more efficient. I feel energized and driven to live life how I want to live it and without constantly thinking there should be more. It was the point at which I granted myself self-acceptance and offered myself self-respect that I saw my self-worth and confidence in myself and my capabilities intensify. I realized that stepping outside of my comfort zone was possible and more than that, it was powerful.