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FROM 9-5 TO THRIVE - Victoria Ogilvie-James

From 9-5 to Thrive

Say Hello To The Aligned, Confident And Thriving Version Of You.

Now available to book!

Are you ready to step out of the mental + physical constraints of your ‘9-5’, overcome the overwhelm, ditch the hustle mentality + ignite the woman inside of you who recognizes + honors her worth, has confidence in her capabilities + is ready to energetically step into a life on her own terms?

Whether you are still working your ‘9-5’, feeling burnt out + lacking purpose, or have already made the decision to start something new but are unsure where to start, get ready to embody your visions, to fully grasp what you want from life + how to get it, + to rewrite the next chapter of YOU.

From 9-5 to Thrive is so much more than just a course. This is a movement, designed to show women that they no longer have to settle for less, feel lost + disconnected or accept stress +overwhelm as a way of living. You are entitled to SO MUCH MORE! I am here to not only show you HOW this is possible but to help you shift into the energized + empowered woman that is within you. You can create your own reality. ✨

Step in to your power and become the leader of your own life to create a life where you physically, mentally + energetically thrive.

Screw living for the weekend, live for the everyday! And do it your way!

There is so much talk on finding your purpose but clients often ask me where to start. They know they want more from life but they don’t know how. I am here to guide you to finding your purpose because I believe that you are fully worthy + capable of stepping into the best version of you. The question is, are you willing to let go of all that you know + step into a new way of living life?

Using my 5 pillar method, you can transform your life, leave your 9-5 + find out what it means to live a life with purpose + meaning. Let me take you from a place of disconnection, stress + overwhelm to finding clarity, freedom, confidence + the ability to manifest your desires.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Victoria has such a wealth of knowledge which is relevant and easily applied”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I am so excited to keep learning from Victoria and am confident what I’ve already learnt will help me level up in my own life.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Working with Victoria has left me feeling so inspired and I cannot wait to implement her advice.”

Register your interest now.

Are you ready to:

Fully understand who you are, what you want from your life and how to get it.

Say Goodbye to the physical and mental constraints of your 9-5/ corporate job, find your purpose, pursue your passion and create impact in the world.

Thrive with the knowledge that a life of ease and balance is yours. You hold the power!

Create a work life balance based on your needs and productivity levels. Honour your mind, body and soul and witness the energetic transformation.

Learn to focus on enjoying life in the present so that you can raise your energy and attract a career and life that turns you on. Understand what it means to truly raise your vibrational energy and how this can be done… because whatever we focus on, we attract and create more of.

Gain the tools and knowledge to step into the new phase of your life in an aligned and stress- free way.

Start to understand how to successfully manage a business or side hustle and to replace stress and sacrifice with unlimited joy and happiness so that, if and when the time comes for you to start something new, you will have the techniques in place to confidently step forward and create success.

Work smart and create those ‘Damn I’m actually getting paid for this’ moments. You get to achieve your goals + visions from a place of effortless ease + flow.

Supercharge your mindset to effectively manage your highs and lows + to propel you to a place of growth + expansion

Create infinite levels of freedom. With freedom flows abundance.

Manifest your desires + create a life you love. Life gets to be fun, easy + magnetic, you just need to choose for it to be this way.

Trust that things are working out for you exactly as they should. Believe in the power of a higher being, as well as the power of YOU.

Imagine a life where:

You wake up each day energized, knowing your purpose + raring to go.

Infinite ease + balance flow naturally to you. Your fears of ‘what if?’ are replaced with the thrill of what could be.

The word ‘hustle’ takes on a whole new meaning; its aligned, its effortless, it’s inspiring + it comes from a place of passion.

You work hard because you unapologetically love what you do + the service you provide to others creates a fire inside of you.

You view life with gratitude, trust, abundance + the knowledge that what is meant for you will find you.

You’re an empowered + energized force + know that you have the mindset strategies in place to accelerate your growth.

You successfully manage the highs + the lows that life throws your way + have the tools to stay motivated.

Your mind is open to receiving + to claiming your expansion.

You feel grounded + connected with your intuitive, higher self + trust yourself + your decisions.

You’re manifesting your desires with a magnetic energy + ultimate clarity.

Find + maintain a healthy + strong mindset to claim your power. Pursue your visions + dreams with conviction + ease.

This is for you if:

You’re working a 9-5 that is leaving you feeling drained + wanting more, although you’re unsure of what that looks like or how to start. You see others making their visions happen + you want to do the same.

You sometimes act from a place of fear + overwhelm, thinking about what you need within your life or business instead of what you desire.

You’re unsure of how to create a business + life on your own terms.

You feel stressed + out of alignment at times. Life has it’s challenges but surely it shouldn’t be this hard?!

Your mindset isn’t fully supporting you. You may have certain tools + practices in place but are struggling to fully commit to these. As a result your actions are not supportive of how you want to live your life.

You’re not achieving your desired goals + growth + want to see this materialize + start getting rewarded for your efforts.

You often doubt whether you are fully worthy + capable of achieving your goals + visions. You feel confident but the life you truly desire often doesn’t quite feel possible.

You are committed to working on your mindset, to evolving + expanding, to claiming the power within you + to living a life in which you thrive.

My key values as a coach

Forget the promises of certain income months or the aspirations of living each day from the beach, sipping on Margaritas for breakfast (I bloody wish). I am here to guide you through the real-life version of your personal growth + healing journey into the healthier version of you, free from the constraints of a ‘9-5’/ corporate job, to take you to a place where you wholeheartedly own your time, energy + future. My approach is based on helping you find + maintain a healthy + strong mindset to claim your power + pursue your visions + dreams with conviction + ease. It’s about becoming your own leader so that you can live life on your terms, free from the demands + judgement of others, to create your own magical reality. My unique approach is to combine spirituality + mindset strategy to help you find space within the whirlwind that life + business can bring, to authentically live the life you desire + to thrive.

A little more about me

I am a lawyer turned transformational coach + mindset mentor with a passion for all things mindset + manifestation. I work with women who have a real vision for who + where they want to be, but most of whom are living a fast paced life, lacking clarity + not making the most of their true potential. My mission is to help women transform themselves, to find a place where their mindset is supportive of their goals + they have the ability + belief system to achieve their goals + visions in a way them makes them feel aligned + empowered.

As women, many of us have been taught to work ourselves into the ground to achieve our goals + as a result our true authentic happiness has been far out of reach. I am here challenging this belief system + giving my clients permission to unlock a new belief system based on love, empowerment, confidence + abundance + showing them how to believe in their own capabilities + self worth. 

You are here because you have a vision + the urge to pursue that vision is getting stronger + stronger. I know this because I have been where you are. I worked as a lawyer for years + whilst I enjoyed my job, I knew there was more for me in this life. I continued working as a lawyer because I was scared to take the first step + I let the doubts + fears creep in but eventually we have to be brave + take that leap of faith.  

If you are ready to surrender all that you know + step into all that you can be, I am here for you. I will guide you, support you + celebrate you the entire way.

My work will require you to dig deep + to commit to the process by showing up in all that you are. You will never feel 100% ready, but if you are truly committed to meeting the version of you that energetically puts her dreams + visions into reality then let’s make it happen!  

What is ‘FROM 9-5 TO THRIVE’?

This self-study online course will help you find + embody your vision + understand not only what you want from your life, but how to go out there + get it. I will help you align the vision to create a strategy that enables you to achieve meaningful goals + unlimited success.

This is not just about stepping into alignment but maintaining that alignment even when things get tough. I will show you how to create ease on a day to day basis, how to up level your mindset + powerfully create your own reality, to help you escape your 9-5 + move forward with clarity, confidence + motivation. You will also learn how to hustle (because let’s face it, we all have to hustle at times) whilst maintaining balance + alignment. This is what I call hustling from a place of soulful passion + has played a key part in my success to date.

From 9-5 to Thrive is your chance to finally stop acting from a place of fear + ‘what if’ + to start thriving, moving forward with your life + creating a wave of endless opportunities. Imagine no longer feeling lost, but seeing the bigger picture + trusting that everything is working out for the greater good. Imagine embracing the fear + discomfort that accompany growth + using this as an accelerator to propel you forward to the successful, thriving woman who gets what she wants in a way that feels good.

I wholeheartedly believe that the way you choose to live your life (+ I say chose because it is a choice) lays the foundations for everything you build on top. Within the course you will learn a number of tools + practices to apply to your life as a whole so that you are in a strong position to build on these in your life + make bold decisions that allow you to step into the greater version of you.


Explore Your Purpose - Explore what motivates you + understand how you can work with your core values to reignite that spark within you. From 9-5 to Thrive mixes of strategy + soulful insight to find out who you really are + what makes you feel most inspired + empowered.

Connect With Your Vision + Your Why - Focus your intentions + your awareness of why you are here, connect with your vision + start to embody the woman you desire to be.


Supercharge Your Mindset -  Create a powerful mindset + an energetic shift. Unravel the subconscious stories that aren’t serving you by telling you that you aren’t capable or worthy, refocus your mindset + rewrite these stories your way. Unleash the soulful visionary within you to prepare yourself for a journey of inspiration + alignment.

Hustle Your Way To Soul Led Success - Forget the traditional meaning of hustling, this is all about working super smart, staying aligned with your purpose + serving yourself + your community in a way that makes you thrive + feel alive. Whether you’re stuck in that hustle mentality, juggling Motherhood with work or early on in your business journey this module is a fundamental part of the course + will provide the foundations for you to create unlimited success.


Let Your Intuition Light The Way - Insightfully create an intuitive awareness like never before. Learn to tune in to your inner self to make decisions + create opportunities that wholly serve you + support the life you want to lead. 


Create Miracles - Transition from a place of scarcity, fear + ‘what if’ to full on ‘I have it all’ abundance + learn to manifest your desires. I will teach you the key tools + practices which have enabled me to fully surrender, trust the process, visualize the life I want to lead + create my own miracles.


Smart Mindful Strategy – From understanding the importance of your authenticity to getting social media savvy, to the difference between selling + marketing, I will help you demystify the strategy to come up with a soul led strategy that works for you.

Calling In Your Vision – Understand the growth + expansion required for you to up level, fulfill your greatest potential + move towards your greater visions + desires.

Integration - How can you remain on track as a soul led being, connected to your goals + visions + continue to manifest miracles. I don’t just drop the insights + leave you too it. The integration is an important part of the course, setting you up to create impact + success.

BONUS: Money Mindset

Explore your money mindset + understand the stories that have played a part in keeping you playing small. Realise your worth + capabilities, because you are deserving of so much more.

Rewrite Your Next Chapter as a VIP

For a limited time, I will also be offering ‘Rewrite Your Next Chapter as a VIP’. This will give you the opportunity to work with me on a 1-1 basis, alongside the course. I know that my support and accountability will be of huge value to those of you completing the Course and it is therefore important to me that I can make myself and my knowledge and insights available to you.  

To register your interest for Rewrite Your Next Chapter as a VIP please contact victoria@victoriaogilviejames.com.

What is included?

Within the online course material you can expect a number of bonus features including embodiment practices, meditations, journaling prompts and affirmations to support you as you create a life in which you thrive.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Victoria is empathetic and supportive and has really helped me to understand why I was previously feeling and acting a certain way. She has helped me deal with my overwhelm and to find a balance between my work and personal life. Working with Victoria has helped me to find clarity and calm.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Working with Victoria has helped me get clear on the ways in which I can move forward to achieve my goals and visions in an aligned way. I have felt incredibly supported by Victoria during our work together.”


When will From 9-5 To Thrive be available?

The course will be delivered as of January 2022.

How is the Course structured and delivered?

The course will be delivered in approximately ten modules. Each module consists of a range of videos, workbooks, assignments, meditations, journaling prompts and affirmations.

The Course will be delivered via an online platform. On purchasing the course you will be given an online log in and secure password so that you can access the Course materials.

What makes From 9-5 To Thrive different?

I am here to guide you through the real-life version of your personal growth and healing journey into the healthier version of you. I know how it feels to feel stuck in a career that isn’t 100% serving you, feeling energetically low and wanting more because I have been there. My mission is to give women the help that I needed so greatly, and this forms the basis of my commitment and contribution to you.

This course will help you find and maintain a healthy and strong mindset to claim your power and pursue your visions and dreams with conviction and ease. My unique approach is to combine spirituality and mindset strategy to help you to authentically live the life you desire and to thrive.

Can I work with you on a 1-1 basis alongside the course?

I am offering the chance to upgrade to a VIP version of the course ‘Rewrite Your Next Chapter as a VIP’. This will include 1-1 sessions with me as well as ongoing Whats App and email support and accountability. If you would like to upgrade your course, please send an email to victoria@victoriaogilviejames.com for more information and to apply.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You are encouraged to work through the content at your own pace so that you can apply yourself fully to the course. For this reason you will have full access to the course for a year from the date of purchase.

How much time will I need to commit to the Course?

This question depends very much time you are willing to put in and how committed you are to reaching breakthroughs and making changes in your life. We have deliberately kept the videos short in length for ease and to enable learning to take place in longer or shorter chunks, depending on what suits you. To get the most out of this course you will need to spend approximately 2-3 hours a week.

Is this the right course for me?

The decision to sign up to a course such as this is likely to feel scary but sometimes we have to take that leap of faith and dive in at the deep end. If you know that you want more from life than your current 9-5/ corporate job draining your energy, and are interested in finding more meaning and purpose within your life (even if you have no idea where to start) Rewrite Your Next Chapter is for you.

I often say to my clients that when you know, you just know. Try and think about what you want deep inside. If that’s bringing about a change in your career, however big or small, this Course is for you.

I haven’t yet set up a business yet, although I hope to in the future.

Yes, totally! There are modules within the course that will definitely set you up for your journey as an entrepreneur and these are both mindset and strategy focused. These modules have been created to help guide you through any aspect of your working and personal life. The emphasis is on creating the right foundations to set you up for whatever path you decide to take. Take ‘hustle mentality’ as an example, many of us feel overwhelmed and burnt out in our personal lives, within our 9-5/ corporate roles and even within our businesses. Overcoming the hustle mentality and successfully avoiding burn out is therefore an important tool to learn no matter where you are in your life or what you do.

I have already set up my business, will this be relevant?

Whilst this course isn’t strictly aimed at those who have already set up a business, it would be very helpful in a number of ways.

Firstly, many women set up a business with an idea but without a real purpose in mind, for example, setting up a coaching business without considering their true values and motivators, what type of coach they desire to be, who they want to help and how. If you want more clarity on your values and visions and need guidance putting these into action, this course is for you.

Secondly, the course is built around mindset strategy and spirituality, both of which are key to running a successful business. In my experience, it is when we commit to the mindset work and spirituality that the shifts start taking place.

I am ready!

Book your place and get access to the course today.