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Three month signature coaching package - Victoria Ogilvie-James

Three Month Signature Coaching Package

You deserve to thrive

What you can expect

  • A pre coaching questionnaire to figure out how to make the most out of our sessions together
  • 6 sessions biweekly
  • Resources including worksheets and meditations to be completed outside our sessions to take you to a higher level
  • Free access to any workshops or meditations
  • 3 months unlimited support via WhatsApp, Voxer or e-mail.

And for a limited time I am offering a FREE bonus session at a time of your choice.

Where it will take you

This transformational program will take you on a healing journey of discovery. It will take you on a journey from that place where you feel disconnection, demotivation, exhaustion and a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities, to a place where you feel energised and worthy of living life to the fullest.

The program will be tailored to each client and will help you form an understanding that it is no longer necessary to burn yourself out to receive abundance.

What we will achieve

Using an organic and holistic approach I will guide you to achieve the following:

Surrender and align yourself with a positive energy. Take action from a place of love and peace rather than fear and control.

Heal your mindset. Transform from a scarcity mindset where you lack confidence, self worth and self belief to a mindset aligned with your core values and goals. Create a belief system centered around freedom and happiness to allow the energized and empowered version of you to break free.

Own yourself and create your own reality.  Set your own boundaries and honour your limits so that overwhelm and burn out are no longer part of your reality. You are worthy and you have the right to thrive!

Wholeness Get to know yourself better. Learn to tune in to your inner self and trust your intuition to create a deep inner connection. Surrender to the intuitive version of you.

Utilise the tools we will put in place to discover a new level of courage, confidence and sense of purpose and to create sustainable habits and rituals to propel you forward to where you deserve to be.

Purpose Pursue your goals and commit to your growth, your healing process and your transformation to manifest your dreams and live in abundance.